Technical Support

We have the experience and technical know-how to answer your questions, problem solve and help provide a solution to your specific needs. Along with a full range of Technical Bulletins of key subjects, we also offer general advice, AS Standard compliance checks, full engineer design and sign-off services.

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Glazing Specification Reports (GSR)

For ultimate piece of mind around your project, Australian Glass Group can offer a Glazing Specification Report, tailor made to your project and including;

  • Glass make up breakdown including Visible Light Transmittance and Reflections
  • Total System U-Valuew and SHGCw performance values (glass + frame + sealants)
  • Acoustic Report
  • Visualiser of both External and Internal aesthetics and reflections in different lighting conditions
  • Wind Load calculations
  • Compliance checks against sizes, application, AS Standards and NCC codes
  • Relevant plant certification for assurance of manufacturing compliance
  • Summary of suggested glass and glazing proposal

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Compare different make ups in a relevant ‘apples to apples’ comparison as well as translate performance values from Glass-only to Total System (glass + frame + sealants) and any standards into compatible AFRC standards. European Standards (EN) also available for use in Passive House calculations.

See our Performance Data section here.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Australian Glass Group values education, collaboration & sharing of our experience and expertise around Glass, so you can make informed decisions with confidence of compliance and suitability.
Educational presentations are available including 1 Formal Point CPD accredited presentations that can be conducted in person or via video conferencing.

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