Confirming Performance Data is crucial for compliance and suitability of glass solutions for your buildings’ needs. There are two fundamental values that stand out due to dictated minimum performance requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC). These are U-Valuew and SHGCw – but it is important to note that these are Total System Values (glass + frame + sealants).

Other values are also important – eg. how thick the total glass unit is, the colour of the glass, how much visible light transmits through the glass (VLT), how much light is reflected (VLR-Out & VLR-In) as well as how much harmful UV rays are blocked from entering inside (UV-Block) and the Selectivity ratio that looks at the effect on Visible Light compared to Solar Gain (LSG), acoustics (Rw) and weight.

AGG offer a comprehensive set of these Performance Data values including:

  • Glass Only
  • Estimated Total System by Frame Material and Type
  • Speckel Glazing Calculator
  • WERS booklets per Frame brand and Type

See these on our website and available to download:

AGG Performance Data


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