With the upcoming NCC 2022 changes coming and a strong focus on improving the thermal performance of our homes, we will see the need for higher Insulation performance from our glass, especially in colder climates.

Achieving this can be easily met by using energy efficient glass types and if you are concerned that this may affect the look and amount of natural light entering your home, or even the reduction of how many windows or the window sizes… rest assured that Insulglass LowE Plus® is an ideal solution to address all concerns.

Insulglass LowE Plus® is a high performing softcoat LowE coated double glazed unit with an argon gas filled air gap. It maintains the clear look, in fact it is the same clear look as standard clear glass with the same amount of Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) also. On top of this, it provides significantly enhanced Insulation performance resulting in a much lower U-Value to satisfy the upcoming increased performance minimum requirements.

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Insulglass LowE Plus®

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