Insulglass® Insulated Glass Units (IGU) consist of 2 or more pieces of glass manufactured as one unit with a trapped air gap separated by a desiccant filled spacer bar and sealed with a primary and secondary seal for structure and guaranteed performance. Commonly used as Double Glazed Units (DGU), we also fill the air space with Argon gas as standard to add further insulation benefits (may exclude some specialised sizes).

There are multiple glass options to choose from in an Insulglass® DGU, all of which give different performance and benefits. We can help you choose the right make up to suit your needs, including;

  • Energy Efficiency – reduce Energy Use & Costs from less Heating and Cooling required
  • Superior Insulation – be warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Control Solar Heat Gain – allow solar heat in for colder climates and block it for hotter climates
  • Block more harmful UV rays – protect the inside from fading factors of the sun
  • High levels of Natural Light filling your space, or block if too intense
  • Reduce significant noise compared to standard single glaze monolithic glass – allow inside quiet spaces
  • Virtually eliminate internal condensation forming on the inside of the glass – reducing the risk of mould and other breathing health issues
  • Increase the Comfort and Wellbeing of those inside – lighter, brighter, dryer, healthier insides
  • Add value to your building

See link below to see our Insulglass® animation that shows these benefits in action:

Insulglass® Animation

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