Australian Glass Group feature in the National Excellence Awards Edition.

Some amazing looking winning homes and commercial buildings from the Master Builders National Excellence Awards 2022.

With the NCC 2022 codes coming into effect soon, glazing will play a very important role in providing energy efficiency to hit the new minimum 7 star built homes. AGG shows our findings from our NatHERS simulation analysis.

Simply put, choosing the right glass and glazing based on environment and design can meet the increased minimum performance requirements. There is glass and then there is LowE glass… specifically softcoat LowE coatings. These coatings can look the same as standard glass and yet provide excellent Insulation, far beyond what standard glass can offer, or they can offer neutral appearance where more advanced solar control is needed by stopping large amounts of heat from the sun from entering inside, and yet maintain high levels of natural light entering inside.

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Master Builders Australia – National Awards Edition

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