Superior Performance without compromising Aesthetics!

Insulglass LowE Max® offers one of the world’s highest Selectivity ratios possible for a Double Glazed Unit (DGU).

Selectivity looks at the relationship between high performing Solar Control that blocks heat from the sun from entering inside through the glass (seen as a lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient value – SHGC) and the amount of Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) through the glass to fill the building with natural light. The Light-to-Solar Gain ratio (LSG) used is: SHGC divided by VLT and the higher the value, the better!

An LSG value of 1.25 is considered to be ‘Spectrally Selective’ while a value of 2.0 is extremely high performing as this means twice the amount of sun light enters inside versus sun heat.

Insulglass LowE Max® with a Clear secondary pane of glass in a 24mm thick DGU (6/12/6) has an LSG ratio of 2.44, or use Low Iron as the secondary pane of glass to achieve 2.52!

This is possible thanks to the evolution of technology and innovation used in such sophisticated softcoat LowE that utilises 3x layers of Silver (Ag) within the total atomic layer make up of its sputter coating. The end result is a glass option with one of the markets leading performances; superior Insulation (very low U-Value), superior Solar Control (very low SHGC) and yet phenomenal Selectivity ratios permitting high Visible Light (66% VLT in 6/12/6 with Clear, or 68% with Low Iron) and a neutral aesthethic with superior colour rendition so from the inside looking out through the glass the blue sky looks blue and the green grass looks green.

Insulglass LowE Max® is made and supported in Australia by Australian Glass Group at all three of our glass processing facilities (NSW, VIC, TAS).

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Insulglass LowE Max®


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