AGGLam® Classic are traditional Laminated Glass options that consist of 2 pieces of clear glass manufactured as one unit with a middle PVB interlayer that acts as a strong adhesion against penetration, remaining in place and safe if the glass breaks.

With a clear interlayer and using clear glass, high Clarity allows a clean view through the glass and high Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) that optimises natural light entering inside and filling your space. When a Coloured aesthetic and/or more Solar Control is needed (lower SHGC), there is AGGLam® Classic Grey.

AGGLam® Classic is also:

  • Safe – Grade A Safety – certified to AS/NZS 2208
  • Secure – Strong against breakage and penetration
  • Quiet – Advanced acoustic performance compared to regular float glass
  • Protects – Over 99% UV protection to reduce colour fading factors

How to Specify




Clr (Clear), Gy (Grey)

Make up:

eg. 6.38mm

Heat Treatment:

T (Toughened), HS (Heat Strengthened), SOAK (Toughened and Heat Soaked)

Example short name:

AGGLam® Clr – 6.38mm

Example long name:

– 6.38mm Clear Laminate

Thickness available:

6.38mm, 8.38mm, 10.38mm, 12.38mm

Spacer bar thickness available:

6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24mm

Minimum size:

100mm x 100mm

Maximum size:

4400mm x 3210mm

Other sizes available upon request, including custom made laminates that can use multiple glass options and also be heat treated.

Full Engineer design and sign-off available if required.

Note the required adherence to AS standard maximum size allowances per thickness and application. Specifications should state the following key required AS standards:

  • All glass in general to comply with AS 1288.
  • All Safety Glass to also comply with AS/NZS 2208.

See cross section diagrams below:


Performance Data

AGGLam® Classic - Clear ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
6.38mm AGGLam Clear LaminateClear8788>995.70.791.10
8.38mm AGGLam Clear LaminateClear8788>995.70.781.12
10.38mm AGGLam Clear LaminateClear8688>995.60.741.16
12.38mm AGGLam Clear LaminateClear8588>995.60.741.15
AGGLam® Classic - Grey ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
6.38mm AGGLam Grey LaminateGrey4255>995.70.620.68
For more performance data options click here.

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