Pyroglass Pyran® S laminates use a borosilicate glass with the high clarity characteristics of low iron glass and significant resistance to thermal shock compared to regular float glass. As a single glazed Laminate, this Integrity Fire Rated Glass performs up to FRL -/120/- with multiple secondary lite options for a variety of other non-fire rated performance.

Starting with clear glass for high Clarity and high Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) that optimises natural light entering inside and filling your space. Adding a tinted Coloured glass on the external pane reduces Glare factors while offering various external aesthetic options and also improving Solar Control (lower SHGC). Privacy options allow the Light to enter in but obscure the image.

Being custom made Laminate, we also have the ability to use different interlayers for added applications. From White Translucent for Privacy to Audioshield® for advanced acoustic performance.

Pyroglass Pyran® S laminates are also:

  • Safe – Grade A Safety – certified to AS/NZS 2208
  • Secure – Strong against breakage and penetration
  • Quiet – Advanced acoustic performance compared to regular float glass
  • Protects – Over 99% UV protection to reduce colour fading factors

Note: Pyroglass Pyran® S is not tested as a standalone product. It is tested as a complete fire rated system including frame. Contact us for full system options.

Pyran® S is a trade mark of Schott AG.

How to Specify


Pyroglass Pyran® S


eg. Clr Lam (Clear Laminate), Gy Lam (Grey Laminate)

Make up:

eg. 11.52mm

Example short name:

Pyroglass Pyran® S Clr Lam – 11.52mm

Example long name:

– Pyroglass Pyran® S Laminate – 11.52mm Clear Fire Rated Laminate

Glass thickness available:

11.52mm, 13.52mm, 15.52mm, 17.52mm

Minimum size:

100mm x 100mm

Maximum size:

3000mm x 2000mm

Other sizes available upon request, including custom made laminates that can use multiple glass options and also be heat treated.

Full Engineer design and sign-off available if required.


Note the required adherence to AS standard maximum size allowances per thickness and application. Specifications should state the following key required AS standards:

  • All glass in general to comply with AS 1288.
  • All Safety Glass to also comply with AS/NZS 2208.
  • All Fire Rated Glass to also comply with AS 1530.4.

Note: for all Laminated options, Pyran S must be on the side furthest away from the fire threat. If the fire threat is from both sides, then a laminate with 2x Pyroglass Pyran® S glass to be used.

See cross section diagrams below:

Performance Data

Pyroglass Pyran® S - Clear Laminate ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
11.52mm Pyran S - Clear LaminateClear9098>995.50.821.10
13.52mm Pyran S - Clear LaminateClear8888>995.50.781.13
17.52mm Pyran S - Clear LaminateClear8688>995.30.731.18
Pyroglass Pyran® S - Low Iron Laminate ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
13.52mm Pyran S - Low Iron LaminateUltra Clear9088>995.50.841.07
15.52mm Pyran S - Low Iron LaminateUltra Clear9088>995.40.841.07
17.52mm Pyran S - Low Iron LaminateUltra Clear9088>995.30.841.07
Pyroglass Pyran® S - Grey Laminate ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
11.52mm Pyran S - Grey LaminateGrey56561005.50.660.85
13.52mm Pyran S - Grey LaminateGrey44551005.50.590.75
17.52mm Pyran S - Grey LaminateGrey34551005.30.530.64
Pyroglass Pyran® S - Acid Etched Laminate ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
11.52mm Pyran S - Acid Etched LaminateFrosted9098>995.50.821.10
13.52mm Pyran S - Acid Etched LaminateFrosted8888>995.50.781.13
15.52mm Pyran S - Acid Etched LaminateFrosted8788>995.40.771.13
Pyroglass Pyran® S - White Trans Laminate ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
11.52mm Pyran S - White Translucent LaminateOpaque31551005.50.510.61
13.52mm Pyran S - White Translucent LaminateOpaque30551005.50.490.61
17.52mm Pyran S - White Translucent LaminateOpaque29551005.30.480.60
Pyroglass Pyran® S - Audioshield® Laminate ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
11.52mm Pyran S - Audioshield Acoustic LaminateClear9098>995.50.821.10
13.52mm Pyran S - Audioshield Acoustic LaminateClear8888>995.50.781.13
17.52mm Pyran S - Audioshield Acoustic LaminateClear8688>995.30.731.18
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