SkyGlass® is custom made structural frameless glass laminate made from a special interlayer that is sandwiched between two pieces of glass and custom-made to suit individual needs.

Designed to remain strong and intact, even if shattered, SkyGlass® outperforms traditional Grade A Safety glazing products, such as toughened glass or standard PVB interlayer laminates.

Designed to withstand extreme weather and marine environments, SkyGlass® is easily adapted to withstand barrier loads required for compliant glazing products of the National Construction Code (NCC), including for use without handrails to optimise your view.

Choose SkyGlass Ultra® which utilises low iron glass to enhance your view even more, providing higher Clarity and takes away the green edge that regular clear glass has.

Note: all use of SkyGlass® and SkyGlass Ultra® require Engineer design and sign-off for compliance under the NCC. We offer this service in-house. Requests can be emailed

SkyGlass® is also:

  • Safe – Grade A Safety – certified to AS/NZS 2208
  • Secure – Strong against breakage and penetration
  • Protects – Over 99% UV protection to reduce colour fading factors

How to Specify




Clr (Clear)

Make up:

On Application

Heat Treatment

T (Toughened), SOAK (Toughened and Heat Soaked)

Example short name

SkyGlass® – 15.04mm

Example long name

– SkyGlass® – 15.04mm Clear Toughened Structural Laminate

Glass thickness available

On Application

Minimum size

On Application

Maximum size

On Application

Other sizes available upon request. All units are custom made laminates that can use multiple glass options and also be heat treated.

Full Engineer design and sign-off available.

Note the required adherence to AS standard maximum size allowances per thickness and application. Specifications should state the following key required AS standards:

  • All glass in general to comply with AS 1288.
  • All Safety Glass to also comply with AS/NZS 2208.

See cross section diagrams below:

Performance Data

AGGLam® Structural - SkyGlass® ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
15.04mm SkyGlass Clear Structural LaminateClear8488100n/a0.711.18
19.04mm SkyGlass Clear Structural LaminateClear8188100n/a0.651.25
For more performance data options click here.

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