Insulating Fire Resistance Level (FRL) up to 60 minutes: FRL -/60/60

Pyroglass Pyranova® is a specialised multi-laminated glass with fore resistant interlayers that foam up in the event of fire, adding the ability to also block radiant heat. Using clear glass and interlayers, clear look with high Clarity and Visible Light in the non-fire activated look with high levels of natural light to enter inside.

This Insulating rated fire resistant glass prevents flames, smoke, hot gasses and radiant heat from either entering inside your building or stopped from spreading between rooms, floors and even between buildings.

Pyroglass Pyranova® comes as Grade A Safety Laminated glass in accordance with AS/NZS 2208.

Note: Pyroglass Pyranova® is not tested as a standalone product. It is tested as a complete fire rated system including frame. Contact us for full system options.

Pyranova® is a trade mark of Schott AG.

How to Specify


AGG Pyroglass Pyranova®


Clr (Clear)

Make up:

23mm (Internal glazing) or 27mm (External glazing)

Heat Treatment:

Pyroglass Pyranova® comes Laminated as standard

Example short name:

Pyroglass Pyranova® – 23mm

Example long name:

AGG Pyroglass Pyranova®
– 23mm Clear Internal Fire Rated Laminate

Glass thickness available:

23mm (Internal glazing), 27mm (External glazing)

Minimum size:

300mm x 100mm

Maximum size:

3000mm x 1900mm


Note the required adherence to AS standard maximum size allowances per thickness and application. Specifications should state the following key required AS standards:

  • All glass in general to comply with AS 1288.
  • All Safety Glass to also comply with AS/NZS 2208.
  • All Fire Rated Glass to also comply with AS 1530.4.

Note: Pyroglass Pyranova® comes as Laminated Grade A Safety glass as standard.

See cross section diagram below:

Performance Data

Pyroglass Pyranova® - External ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
27mm PyranovaClear86771005.10.731.18
Pyroglass Pyranova® - Internal ColourVLT%VLR-Out%VLR-In%UV-Block%U-ValueSHGCSelectivity
23mm PyranovaClear87771005.20.761.14
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