LowE Plus with Clear for highest clarity and visible light transmittance – while also excellent Insulation performance (low U-Value).


  • Outer: 6mm Clear Toughened
  • Spacer: 12mm Warm Edge + Argon Gas
  • Inner: 6mm LowE Plus Toughened

Site Address

Hobart, TAS 7000


Binq Windows

Builder / Pre-Fabrication

Josh FitzGerald | Scott Ashton | Lin Ashton



Photos courtesy of

Adam Gibson




Conversations on housing affordability, sustainability and the relationships between aesthetics and utility came together within architecture practice Archier when practice technical director Josh FitzGerald and his partner decided to build their first home.

The couple wanted an easily transportable modular home to sit on family land until they could buy their own site.

Though compact, the home needed to feel spacious, have excellent thermal qualities, and relate to its landscape. In addition the design needed to be clear-cut for an owner/builder to construct.

Optimising natural light, reducing energy consumption and ensuring thermal comfort without compromising the building aesthetics required insulated glazing.





The straightforward design employed SIPS (structural insulated panel systems), an efficient alternative to traditional framing. The panels offered a simpler construction method with integrated thermal efficiency and environmental sustainability. Staying within the standard dimensions of the panels and keeping the building footprint small proved cost-effective.

While the building is lightweight for moveability, sandstone flooring provided a significant thermal mass and sense of permanence.

Though the 53 square-metre cabin floor area may seem modest, it feels spacious thanks to a 7.5 metre wide, floor-to-ceiling window. Strategically oriented due north, it visually extends the sense of space into a landscaped garden and the surrounding bushland.

To address the challenges of space, thermal comfort, natural light and connection to landscape, FitzGerald specified Insulglass LowE Plus® Clear double glazing. This solution contributed substantially to the resulting home.

With low emissivity, the LowE Plus Clear performance provided a significant reduction in heat loss, addressing the key concern of thermal comfort. It also allowed for optimal utilisation of natural light, transforming the home into a bright and warm living space.

By leveraging Insulglass LowE Plus® double glazing, the home design achieved a high degree of thermal insulation. It resulted in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the house, reducing the need for air conditioning or heating. This provided an effective solution for Hobart’s cold winter temperatures and reduced  the home’s energy consumption significantly.

The glazing solution also played an aesthetic role in the design of Casa Acton. It created a seamless connection between the home’s interior and the surrounding natural environment, encouraging a greater interaction between the inhabitants and nature. The glazing imbued the house with a sense of openness and spaciousness, emphasising its visual appeal and invitation.

Commendation:            Residential Architecture – Houses (New), Tasmanian Architecture Awards

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