LowE Plus with Clear for highest clarity and visible light transmittance – while also excellent Insulation performance (low U-Value).


  • Outer: 6mm Clear Toughened
  • Spacer: 12mm Warm Edge + Argon Gas
  • Inner: 6mm LowE Plus Toughened


Site Address

Regional Victoria, VIC


BINQ Windows


Hardwick Build Co



Photos courtesy of

Thurston Empson



Embracing the design brief’s complexity, Archier director Chris Gilbert says they wondered, “What a modern farm and farmhouse should and could look like, and how we could integrate the building into a site that has been cleared of its bushland.”

The project faced inherent challenges in reconciling the necessary clearing with the aim of creating a sustainable dwelling that connects harmoniously with the land and meets the needs of a growing family.

Without natural buffers, site conditions could swing from gale-force winds to clear blue skies within minutes. The home needed to feel substantial and robust, providing a solid foundation for family life and a refuge from the weather.


Archier’s solution is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, demonstrating how contemporary architecture can embody both historical precedent and forward-thinking design.

They designed the residence as a secure anchor amidst the starkness of the cleared landscape. It embodies a strong sense of locality while deftly navigating its natural environment’s ever-changing demands.

The project’s sustainable vision was articulated through the use of local volcanic stone, celebrating the dwelling’s locality and grounding it in the region’s geological heritage. The home’s strategic orientation and openings optimised control of sunlight, heat, and natural ventilation, advancing the project’s commitment to sustainability.

Archier responded to the conditions by creating a refuge without compromising comfort or aesthetics. “The building needed to act as a refuge from the storm whilst capturing the drama,” Gilbert explains.

Using advanced glazing technology delivered calm, light-filled, and uplifting interiors for the clients’ busy lives. Gilbert says Insulglass LowE Plus® offered an array of sustainable benefits, with its superior thermal performance, solar control, and excellent natural light transmission. Its inherent energy efficiency further bolstered the project’s sustainability credentials.

Moreover, Insulglass LowE Plus® Clear insulated glazing also served a key aesthetic function. It supported a crisp, modern interior design complementing the natural warmth of the exterior, mediating between the robust external form and the calming interior.

In its entirety, the Farm House combines the strengths of traditional outbuilding styles with the opportunities presented by modern, sustainable materials. Archier’s approach encapsulates the fundamental role architecture plays in connecting to the land and creating a sustainable future.

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