LowE Plus for the look of regular clear glass with the same Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) but with phenomenal Insulation performance (low U-Value).

Partnered with Audioshield clear acoustic laminate for excellent noise blocking performance across the full range of frequencies.


  • Outer: LowE Plus Toughened
  • Spacer: Spacer with Argon Gas
  • Inner: Audioshield Acoustic Laminate

Site Address

201-209 Ferrars St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205


Binq Windows




Six Degrees Architects

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Tess Kelly Photography









Award-winning, carbon-neutral residential development Ferrars & York delivers outstanding thermal and acoustic comfort with energy savings for occupants.

The 22 South Melbourne apartments enjoy an exceptional average energy rating of 8.6 stars out of 10 on the NatHERS scale.

In addition, Ferrars & York provides a peaceful living environment despite its highly active location 100 metres from the South Melbourne Market and between the light rail and the Ferrars and York streets intersection.

The building is also fossil-fuel-free, powered by 100 per cent renewable energy – including 21kW of shared rooftop solar panels, and has water-efficient plumbing fixtures and low-water landscaping. The project has achieved carbon neutrality by using materials with low embodied energy, such as salvaged Messmate flooring, and offset its carbon footprint through sustainable investment.

The project’s climate-resilient design has earned recognition in the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards, the 2022 AFR Sustainability Leaders List, the Good Design Awards and The Circle Awards.

Developer HIP V. HYPE reunited with Six Degrees Architects to design Ferrars & York after collaborating on Nightingale 2.0, a project driven by social, environmental, and financial sustainability.

“The similar natures of both sites allowed us to further explore the advantages of open walkways, dual aspect and cross ventilation in inner urban apartment living. Something that has always engaged our interest” says Six Degrees director, James Legge.

The collaborators applied post-occupancy research from their Nightingale 2.0 experience to enhance the living environment at Ferrars & York and to deliver highly durable, sustainable and connected homes.

“We wanted to reduce humidity, and CO2 levels, so developed a heat recovery ventilation system that provides 100 per cent fresh air,” says HIP V. HYPE, Head of Better Buildings, David Mahony.


To counter the acoustic challenges of the project’s location and meet thermal goals, the project team selected Insulglass LowE Plus® Toughened DGU with Audioshield® acoustic laminate in timber and thermally broken aluminium joinery.

David says this advanced thermal and acoustic glazing insulation contributes significantly to Ferrars & York’s performance, which HIP V. HYPE is monitoring for 12 months post-occupation.

“Our results show Ferrars & York residents enjoy comfortable internal temperatures while barely needing to use heating in winter and using far less cooling in summer.”

David says the project team worked with window fabricator Binq Windows to standardise sizing and instead invest more in the glazing’s energy and acoustic performance with thermally broken joinery.

“Given the building’s energetic location, we are very impressed with its acoustic performance. It performs significantly better than typical townhouses in the area and is acoustically very comfortable.”

He says several development team members choose to live in the building – a resounding endorsement for its design and construction. HIP V. HYPE has also opened HV.Hotel at Ferrars & York, a highly sustainable accommodation concept designed to enable the broader community to experience the benefits of a sustainably designed and built home.


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