Superior performance to maximise both Solar Control (very low SHGC) and Insulation (very low U-Value), without compromising Visible Light. Partnered with Audioshield acoustic laminate for ultimate piece and quiet.


  • Outer: 6mm LowE Max Toughened
  • Spacer: 12mm spacer with Argon Gas
  • Inner: 6.5mm Audioshield Acoustic Laminate

LowE Max and Audioshield 2D


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10 Henry St, Gordon, NSW 2072


Sublime Aluminum and Glass



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High performance glazing systems were specified to deliver exceptional functionality to the Senior Learning Centre at the Ravenswood School for Girls on Sydney’s upper North Shore.

The learning centre is an innovative educational facility designed by BVN to promote collaboration and creativity among senior students.

The multi-functional centre has become a striking landmark on the Pacific Highway, with a zigzag façade reiterating the steeply-pitched roofs of adjacent Federation buildings.

Mediation of natural light is central to the building’s design. A bespoke perforated solar screen in pre-patinated copper veils the building to control light and solar penetration; large window openings with deep, copper-clad reveals punctuate the screen for natural light and views.

The centre features open-plan learning spaces, break-out areas, and a central atrium for cross-disciplinary collaboration. Key to this design was the integration of advanced building materials that could deliver excellent thermal and acoustic performance while maintaining a modern aesthetic.


Sublime Aluminium manufactured and installed the performance window and door systems, delivering both energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. ‘These systems, composed of high-quality aluminium frames and double-glazed units, offer superior thermal insulation compared to traditional single-glazed alternatives,’ said Adam Jarrett, Director of Sublime. ‘By minimising heat transfer, these systems reduced the facility’s reliance on heating and cooling, leading to lower energy consumption, improved internal comfort for students and teaching staff, impacting positively on the learning environment’.

‘Furthermore, the Alspec Hunter EVO Flush glazed aluminium frames we’ve installed provide a sleek, modern look that seamlessly integrates with the centre’s contemporary design,’ noted Adam. ‘The large glass surfaces allow for ample natural light, creating bright and inviting spaces conducive to learning and collaboration.’

Flexibility in space utilisation was another critical aspect of the Ravenswood Senior Learning Centre’s design. The centre required partition systems that could facilitate various room configurations while offering excellent acoustic performance. Acoustic glazed operable walls met these requirements perfectly.

By incorporating these advanced glazing systems, the Ravenswood Senior Learning Centre fosters a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere that promotes academic excellence and environmental responsibility.

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